On Sweden's Classic Rally Roads

4x4 ice driving in Finland


Mon 3 March Rally Day 1: formal Start, Gothenburg city centre. Short day' s run to lunch control at the Saab Museum, Trollhättan, then via regularity sections on Swedish Rally special stage roads. 300km.

Overnight: Quality Hotel Selma Lagerlöf, Sunne, Sweden.

Tues 4 March Rally Day 2: more snow now as we head north west into the mountains of Norway, on a combination of main and secondary roads through highland scenery. 390km.

Overnight: Quality Hotel Røros, Røros, Norway.

Wed 5 March Rally Day 3: scenic roads take us back into Sweden and across a high plateau before an ice road across a lake brings us to the attractive town of Östersund, where we are promised a good welcome. 280km.

Overnight: Radisson SAS Hotel, Östersund, Sweden.

Thurs 6 March Rally Day 4: a super regularity on a famous stage from the Midnight Sun rally, then a run across rolling country into the province of Lappland and the winter resort of Lycksele. 340km.

Overnight: Hotel Lappland, Lycksele, Sweden.

Fri 7 March Rally Day 5: the rally's longest day takes us across the Arctic Circle to Sweden's northernmost city of Kiruna, including rally sections on roads used by car manufacturers for winter testing. 520km.

Overnight: Scandic Ferrum Hotel, Kiruna, Sweden.

Sat 8 March Activity Day 1: a day off in the iron mining and resort city of Kiruna to enjoy winter activities and visit local attractions such as the mine (scene of a famous special stage on the Midnight Sun Rally 40 years ago) and the fabulous Ice Hotel.

Overnight: Scandic Ferrum Hotel, Kiruna, Sweden.

Sun 9 March Rally Day 6: across the mountains and into Norway at the resort of Riksgränsen, before dropping down to sea level near Narvik; then a run along fjordside roads and over mountain passes to the fishing port of Tromsø. 450km.

Overnight: Radisson SAS Hotel, Tromsø, Norway.

Mon 10 March Rally Day 7: a wonderfully scenic drive winding through the northern fjords, with magnificent mountain views. Rally sections on attractive loop roads. 460km.

Overnight: Rica SNR Hotel, Alta, Norway.

Tues 11 March Rally Day 8: northward into wilder coastal country, with a detour to visit the town of Hammerfest, before passing through the new tunnel to the North Cape island, and on to finish the day'
s rallying at the North Cape itself - the northernmost point of the European continent - before

Overnight: Rica Arctic Hotel, Honningsvåg, Norway.

returning to our hotel in Honningsvåg. 440km.
Wed 12 March Rally Day 9: southwards now, first along the coast of the Arctic Ocean, then inland across rolling wooded country where reindeer herds can be seen, entering Finland before a detour onto some lovely driving roads, and ending the day at one of the country'
s prime ski resorts. 450km.

Overnight: Hotel Riekonkieppi & Hotel Riekonlinna, Saariselkä, Finland.

Thurs 13 March Rally Day 10: some interesting rally sections on minor roads used in the famous Arctic Rally, before crossing the Arctic Circle again just outside Finland'
s "capital of the Arctic", famous as the home of Santa Claus. 360km.

Overnight: Rantasipi Pohjanhovi Hotel, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Fri 14 March Activity Day 2: we are promised an intensive programme of winter activities including a snowmobile safari, reindeer sleigh rides, dog sled rides, ice fishing, Lapp food, ice driving and "
winter Olympic Games", under the supervision of tour director Rauno Posio and Arctic Rally boss Heikki Poranen.

Overnight: Rantasipi Pohjanhovi Hotel, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Sat 15 March Rally Day 11: more rally sections from the Arctic Rally, as the rally crosses the beautiful wooded countryside of northern Finland. 410km.

Overnight: Scandic Hotel Kajanus, Kajaani, Finland.

Sun 16 March Rally Day 12: a lovely day of driving through lakes and forests, into the countryside of the legendary 1,000 Lakes Rally. Rally sections on a preserved "
museum road" and on classic special stage routes, before arriving at the traditional HQ hotel of the 1,000 Lakes, where the feet of virtually every world class rally driver for 50 years have trod. 430km.

Overnight: Rantasipi Laajavuori Hotel, Jyväskylä, Finland.

Mon 17 March Rally Day 13: yet more superb rally sections over classic special stage roads from the 1,000 Lakes rally, culminating in the most famous of all, the 24km Ouninpohja; before an easy drive to Finland'
s elegant capital city. 350km.

Overnight: Hotel Grand Marina, Helsinki, Finland.

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