Iconic Spy and Action Movie Cars

Action and spy movies are known for their tantilizing and heroic scenes. Many of these scenes involve cars in chases, or cars with special features for the main hero to use. Two of these cars are found in two popular franchises: Inspector Gadget and James Bond. James Bond chronicles a hero as he uses a variety of ways to defeat evil, and one of the latest installments of the franchise features the famous Aston Martin DB5. Inspector Gadget became popular with kids everywhere once the cartoon gained ground. The Gadget Mobile, as it is affectionately called, has everything that a private detective needs to do his job the right way.

The Aston Martin DB5 became a fixture for most of the Bond movies. In fact, it is featured in 6 of them! Most people associate the Aston Martin with being a luxury car. While it is true that it serves this purpose, it also serves several performance strengths. For example, James Bond must frequently navigate through crowded city streets as he chases or evades his foes. Often at the center of intense shootouts in these movies, the Aston Martin really shines as it shows the various ways in which it handles tight turns at high rates of speed.

Inspector Gadget is beloved by kids everywhere, and for good reason. His myriad choices of gadgets help him to catch crooks and to solve mysteries. Therefor, it only makes sense that his car would be able to go beyond simple street driving capabilities, as it serves a far greater purpose. The Gadget Mobile is equipped with many different attributes, most notably a retractable arm that he uses to apprehend people. The car is bulky and does not have a sports car appeal. However, what it lacks in looks, it makes up for in functionality. This makes it one of the most interesting Hollywood cars around.

The Aston Martin and the Gadget Mobile stand among some of the top movie and TV cars of all time. They command respect because they have come to symbolize what their respective franchises embody. These cars serve as extensions of the main characters, and they help them to achieve their goals in their battles of good versus evil. The next time you watch these film productions, take the time to see how each car works with the protagonist to help him triumph over his foes.