Famous Cars as Characters

More movies are taking advantage of the fact that people fall in love with not only human and fictional characters, but also cars and trucks. This trend has been going on for quite some time. Iconic cars have graced the big screen for many years, and not all of them are really expensive sports cars. Two of the most memorable cars are The Ghost Busters wagon, and Herbie the Love Bug. Both of these cars have carved a special place into movie history. Lets take a look at how these cars provide a unique way for people to appreciate two models that might not have gotten the same appreciation if it wasn’t for their big screen debuts.

Herbie the Love Bug debuted in 1968. This comedy allowed audiences to feel what it really means to truly love the vehicle that you own. Interestingly, the VW Beetle that the famous Love Bug represents, inspires the same amount of passion in faithful owners to this day. The Beetle has become a status symbol of sorts. In the story, Herbie is a racing Beetle that has little chance for success. In reality, however, this car has the power to compete with anybody. The only catch is that the car has a mind of its own! This car helps the main character to win races, and also provides support in key situations. These endearing qualities make the Love Bug an excellent candidate for being one of the most famous cars in history.

One of the more unique and iconic movie and book cars of all time, is The Ghost Busters wagon. This wagon has an interesting history. The Ghost Busters are a group of men who capture and extinguish ghosts from various areas located all over NYC. The car is unique, however, in that it is actually a hearse that was converted into a company car for ghost catching. Equipped with a famous siren, flashing lights, and the identifiable ghost with red cross, it is easy to recognize.

It is the human-like qualities that these cars emit that makes them so memorable for faithful audience members. They are so popular that they became toys over time, and kids begged their parents to buy them a miniature version of the cars. The movie franchises have been so successful that different cartoon series have been made as well. The Love Bug and The Ghost Busters wagon will forever be respected.