Contrasting Cars, Equal Importance

Some cars are beloved by film buffs because they are flashy and expensive. Their performance capabilities are put to the test as the hero must go through a variety of obstacles to save the day. Other cars serve a much more simple purpose. They exemplify the character in the way he behaves and treats other people throughout the plot. This contrast is well represented by the Audi A8 in The Transporter, and The Dude’s Gran Torino in The Big Lebowski. While one movie is an action-packed violent film, the other is a comedy. Here are some ways in which both models of cars have equal importance.

The Big Lebowski offers a hilarious take on what can happen when there is a huge mix-up. The plot centers around trying to find the oriental man who peed on Lebowski’s rug, and Lebowski’s good friend, named “The Dude,” helps him during this quest. The Dude is a Vietnam War veteran with a pension for getting angry really fast. However, his car, which is a Gran Torino with a flashy private number plate, comes to symbolize The Dude in every way. Always on the lookout for “pyromaniacal German nihilists,” The Dude loves his car, although it is a little worse for wear. His Gran Torino looks like something that just came off the scrap heap, yet it gets the job done nicely. It even features a bungee cord as the only means for keeping the hood of the car in place.

The Transporter is a movie that has it all; violence, action, sex, and an Audi A8. Audi has become synonymous with high performance. In fact, while it is considered a car luxury sports car, it is more than capable of handling the road with incredible efficiency. Jason Statham plays a “transporter,” or a simple driver, similar to a limo driver. He finds himself using his Audi to stop criminals from carrying out theier terroristic goals. Watch The Transporter and you will see why this movie helped to reinvigorate Audi enthusiasts everywhere and bumped the sale of Personalised number plates across Europe but especially in the UK.

These cars are clearly completely different from one another, yet they are equally important to both movies. One provides a tool for conquering evil, while the orher helps to define a character and his eccentricities. Once you watch these movies you will begin to understand what an important role these two very different cars play within the plot structures. A car has the ability to leave a lasting impression in entertainment, and these two models offer prime examples.