Allure of Transforming Cars

Cars have always fascinated millions of people. From whiskey runners to racers, cars have an appeal because they are fast and they are able to be modified. However, one set of cars takes modification to a whole new level. Although they are a part of a fictional story, Transformers has shaped the way people view a car or truck’s capabilities. The transformers phenomenon began with a simple cartoon. A classic story of good versus evil, Transformers pits the autobots against the decepticons. Two of the more famous cars have memorable names: Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

One of the first things that you’ll notice about bumblebee, is that this character is modeled after the Chevy Camaro. Critics of the new Transformers movies argue that they are nothing more than advertising gimmicks for some of the more famous car manufacturers like Ford and Chevrolet. However, you can’t deny the fact that the Chevy Camaro is one sexy car. It has been around a long time, and the new version is modeled after the older cars. Bumblebee is an autobot, or one of the good guys. When he is not transforming into a fully functioning robot to save the world, he is racing through the streets as a bright yellow Camaro.

Optimus Prime is one of the most popular characters within the Transformers franchise. The reason for this is simple. He is the leader of the good guys, and he transforms from a mack truck into one of the most incredible heroes in the story. His coloration is purposeful as well. While Bumblebee’s character is accented with bright yellows, Optimus is colored red, white and blue. The mack truck has come to symbolize freedom and strength in America. It only makes sense that the main character would be modeled after a bruising truck. Like the mack truck, Optimus comes back from the brink of defeat time and again to save the world from the Decepticons.

The Transformers franchise has taken on a life of its own. As a side note, more people have become entranced by the concept of classic and new cars as a result of the movies. This only serves to promote an appreciation for car building and development. Many other car makers are represented in the movies as well. The next time you watch Transformers, try to pick out the various cars and trucks that are created by some of the most respected manufacturers.